About Us

Welcome to Precious Art website!

Precious Art team is a mixed team of locals and resident foreigners, so we experience life here from many different perspectives. What brought us together was the sheer pace of change sweeping across our city - more people, a different cultural mix, and ready access to mobile and internet channels fuelling an explosion in social media.

For new arrivals and returnees, it's hard to find out what's going on, where and when, but for locals it's even more confusing as places we've known and loved are suddenly replaced by new signboards.

These changes have another positive side effect - they provide an opportunity for us to grow and develop as a socially integrated society through sharing, exposing, and learning from each other's differing opinions, lifestyle preferences, and the support and advice exchanged between community members. That's what makes the Yangon experience so unique.

We've developed Precious Art website to be a platform to bring the best out of the city's dynamic community and its way of life; and is intended to give users easy access to the information we all need to enjoy Yangon life, in a way that is easy to navigate.

Importantly, it's a community driven website. We see our role as providing the basic information we all need about life in Yangon in a factual and objective way. That allows the broader community (you!) to complete the picture by adding and sharing your opinions, reviews, and advice with the community at large.

Today, the website has an international reach across 80 countries with Myanmar residents accounting for 70% of our user audience. We hope you enjoy using our website as much as we enjoy and are proud to share the dynamic and multi-facet Precious Art experiences with you.